PatchWorld is more than a music app, it’s a mixed reality studio where your creations come to life, perfect for sharing on social media like Youtube:

* Dive into a universe of infinite worlds, each a canvas for your imagination.

* Ideal for content creators, musicians, and VR enthusiasts.

* Collaborate with musicians and creators in real-time jams and world-building.

* Amass an unlimited collection of sounds and instruments for your studio.

* Seamlessly record and share your VR performances and creations.

* Explore and contribute to a library of over 40 pre-built worlds.

* Exclusive to Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro: Craft and share cinematic mixed reality content and films.

* Enjoy unparalleled mixed reality features with Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro’s advanced capabilities.

* Experience the richness of 3D spatial audio and a high-quality VR audio engine.

* Connect with Ableton Live for comprehensive cross-reality studio integration. New features and improvements:

* Support for Ready Player Me avatars

* Portal Blocks

* Community page, world suggestions, and improved search for worlds and other players.

* Patch Worlds from the community, with weekly events, Venues for jam sessions, how-to content, and featured user art and instruments

* Fixes to multiplayer sync and joining sessions Join our dynamic Discord community for exclusive access to the PatchMaker beta and begin your journey in crafting and sharing immersive mixed-reality content.


Client : Patch XR

Adresse : Suisse

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